Hair Replacement


Have you heard of hair fixing? It's very famous surgery-free hair replacement technique that really works well. Initially, your hair loss areas are noted down and a hair silicon system is stuck on to the scalp using silicon bond or just silicon tapes. They let the hair silicon system stay on the scalp for 4-5 weeks. The best part about getting hair fixing done is that you can carry on with normal day to day activities such as oiling your hair, shampooing, playing sports.


Most people are under the impression that only surgery can bring back the hair on their head. The good news is that this is not true. There are so many non-surgical techniques to bring back the lost charm on your head and all of them are carried out at our clinic. One such procedure is hair bonding. Usually, this procedure is used when the crown area and the front part of your scalp are almost bald and there is hair just on the sides and the back of the scalp.


Though everyone likes to have lustrous and thick hair, the current lifestyle does not seem to be helping anyone live that dream. Hair loss is very common even among young men and women these days. The credit goes to the poor diet, lack of nutrition, stress and work pressure. If you are suffering from hair loss, you are most welcome to fix an appointment with us and discuss your issues with our team.


The procedure is also referred to as artificial hair restoration. The treatment is very simple as it a non-surgical one. It involves placing a patch of hair, extension or a wig in the region where there is baldness. There are experts who will stick the patch of hair using some kind of cosmetic glue or clips. The glue and clips used for the procedure are usually pretty safe and do not lead to any kind of allergy.


Typically, a hair extension is a piece of long hair that can be attached to your existing hair to make it look longer. They can be made out of real hair or synthetic hair and there are a number of ways to affix them to your existing hair or close to your hair. The best part about hair extensions is that they merge well with your hair and appear to be natural. Nobody can tell that you are wearing them.